Most cryptocurrencies are garbage, says Jason Calacanis ...

Bitcoin Predictions, Calacanis Goes Against Grain With BTC Price Decline

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Bitcoin Predictions, Calacanis Goes Against Grain With BTC Price Decline

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BAT Community Weekly Update: 05/04/2018 - 05/10/2018 — BAT/Brave opens office in London, UK; BAT Meetup in NYC on May 15th, Brave browser vs. Chrome vs. Firefox speed test video, events galore!

BAT/BRAVE Open New Office in London, UK; Presentations in Singapore and South Korea
Last week, Brave gave multiple presentations in a flash tour across Asia and signed a lease for new space for its London office.
See the exciting blog post here:
Brave and BAT NYC Meetup (May 15, 2018)
Come meet Brendan Eich, CEO of Brave, co-founder of Mozilla and Firefox, and creator of JavaScript. Brian Brown, Brave's Chief Business Officer, will also join the Q&A.
BAT/Brave at Hacks/Hackers Montreal (May 17, 2018)
On May 17th, Jennie, BAT Community Manager, and Chris (@chriscat/@miyayes) from BAT Canada will be presenting and providing a Q&A on BAT/Brave at Montreal’s “Hacks/Hackers” blockchain meetup. See event for more details:
Brave browser for desktop speed test vs. Chrome and Firefox posted for popular websites
Brave shows it is up to 3x faster on popular websites. Watch the 1 minute video here!
BAT nominated for Best Project in the Crypto Influencer Awards
Please help vote for BAT!
Watch Brendan’s full presentation in Seoul, South Korea
If you couldn’t be there for the BAT/Brave meetup in Seoul, you can now view the entire talk online! Lots of fantastic information. The presentation is in both English and Korean.
Great New Interview with Brendan Eich & Jason Calacanis
Brave Creator Spotlight: Fanmade Brave Commercials
u/lukemulks’ brother has filmed a series of comedic Brave commercials. Be sure to watch them for a good time and, well, to get Brave ;).
Create your own BAT/Brave commercial and we’ll feature it in our weekly update and perhaps send you some nice BAT/Brave merch!
BAT Community Merch Giveaway Winners!
The winners for our BAT Community Merch GIveaways for this week are:
Monday (Reddit): u/cmillhouse
Tuesday (Twitter): @RGhadamian
Wednesday (Facebook): Allan Cyphor Durante
Be sure to tune in to our social media channels every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to participate for your chance to win!

BAT/Brave in the News:

Supporting Brave means empowering freedom.
With Brave, a revolutionary browser from Brendan Eich (Javascript creator, Mozilla, and Firefox Founder) you just pay a monthly contribution which is divided among the publisher sites you visit the most. Avoiding shitty ads and trackers. It’s like Netflix, but for surfing the Internet. You pay a monthly price to reward content creator while everything flows.
5 Industries Primed for Blockchain Disruption
There are many startups taking a crack at solving the attention economy problem, but perhaps none are quite as on the nose as the blockchain project, Basic Attention Token. Not only does BAT provide an internet browser that blocks ads and trackers, but its business model works on the revolutionary concept of directly paying consumers for viewing ads. This incentivizes users to view ads they'd normally block or tune out, and it achieves more precise targeting for advertisers with lower rates of fraud.
Basic Attention Token (BAT) Hosts 1st Meetup in Seoul
Basic Attention Token (BAT) and Brave Software CEO Brendan Eich aims to change that Internet usage paradigm and shift users into a decentralized blockchain-based digital advertising and services platform with the open-source Brave browser as an example where users are given a more private, faster, and better browsing experience while also giving them their own freedom to reward their favorite sites and content creators with its native BAT cryptocurrency.
Is 2018 the Year of the Security Token?
Utility is where the market headed after bitcoin became old news. The aptly named ‘utility tokens’ are the result of an ICO whereby users of a blockchain platform pay with the tokens sold during the ICO, or that they earn for providing some other relevant input. Basic Attention Token rewards users in BAT for using the BRAVE browser and viewing ads.

News You Should Know:

Inside the Brotherhood of the Ad Blockers
Pi-hole (as in “shut your …”) is a free, open source software package designed to run on a Raspberry Pi, a basic computer that’s popular with DIYers, fits in the palm of your hand, and retails for about $35. Most ad blockers have to be installed on individual devices and work only in web browsers, but Pi-hole blocks ads across an entire network, including in most apps.
[This article mentions Pi-hole, which is a great concept. Briefly mentions Brave, so put it in the news you should know section.]
Apple is reportedly removing apps that share your location data with third parties
Apple has started removing apps from the App Store that violate the company’s policies by sharing location data with third parties without explicit consent, reports 9to5Mac. The breaches are related to sections 5.1.1 and 5.1.2 of the company’s App Store Guidelines, which say that apps must not transmit “user location data to third parties without explicit consent from the user [or] for unapproved purposes.”
Google goes for the wow at I/O, but what about privacy?
While there were some jaw-dropping announcements, what we didn't get was a whole lot of insight into how the world's biggest search company is thinking about its approach to privacy and data collection. ZDNet, CNET's sister site, points out that there was no mention of privacy, and only one mention of security during the entire two-hour keynote on Tuesday.
Medium abruptly cancels the membership programs of its 21 remaining subscription publisher partners
Medium has informed publishers using its platform to offer paid memberships that it’s ending that feature. An email at the end of last month from Medium’s head of partnerships Basil Enan told publishers that the company was planning to discontinue memberships in May.
Jason Kint posts about Facebook and Google are eating all US advertising
Jason Kint‏ @jason_kint
woah, new read on IAB report today, Duopoly actually eating all US advertising. TOTAL Internet + TV + B2B + Magazines + Newspapers + Radio + OOH + Music + Video Games + Cinema = grew $13.3B in 2017 Google and Facebook = grew $13.4B in 2017 "Everything Else" = shrank $.1

Brave Team Tweets:

BrendanEich @BrendanEich
Private Tabs using Tor is coming to Brave very soon, too. Exit-region-selection soon after (not soon enough but I will subside). Cc: @bcrypt
7:03 PM - May 9, 2018
Yan @bcrypt
i will be interviewing @xychelsea onstage at HOPE this july.
4:21 PM - May 3, 2018

Roaring Fans on Twitter:

Sqweetz‏ @iamtweetingyo
@mozilla haven’t used your product in a long time. Switched to @brave and never looked back. This dishonest post just confirms I made the right decision. 7:49 AM - 10 May 2018
Aidan McCourt‏ @AidanMcCourt
Web browser @brave is a worthwhile alternative to anti-democratic @Google’s chrome. 6:26 AM - 10 May 2018
Cyphor "Not giving away $BAT" Durante‏ @cyphordurante
It only shows how generous the @brave team is. $BAT's weekly merch event. Thank you @AttentionToken. 12:18 AM - 10 May 2018
Here's some stats on @brave browser adoption. I really want to see this project succeed. As a web developer, I think our total dependence on Chrome is not necessarily a good thing for the industry... 📷9:17 PM - 9 May 2018
Been using @brave browser for less than a day...AMAZING#brave #BAT #mozilla 5:14 AM - 5 May 2018
I started using @brave less than a week ago. In that time, it tells me, it has stopped more than 1,200 trackers. That's a lot. 1:45 AM - 5 May 2018
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Jason Calacanis CNBC 1/24/18: Bitcoin could go 0; EU fines Qualcomm $1.2b, social media regs HUGE BITCOIN PRICE CORRECTION POSSIBLE...??? - YouTube The Most Realistic Bitcoin Price Prediction for October ... Jason Calacanis CNBC SquawkAlley NYC 11/10/17: Uber IPO?, Disney streaming will dominate Jason Calacanis CNBC Squawk Alley 12/13/17: Bitcoin bubble, Apple printing $, Disney buys Fox assets

Cryptocurrencies are garbage is one phrase that most crypto bashers have used at least once in their speeches. Now, angel investor Jason Calacanis has repeated this sentence claiming that 99 percent of cryptocurrencies are garbage and provide no real value to the investors. Bitcoin is a money evolution before being technology innovation, there is no such thing as “the next Bitcoin” “Don’t go put 100% of your assets into Bitcoin, but also don’t get caught having 0% exposure” – Anthony Pompliano; The key to gain confidence is to consistently show up and do the work By CCN: Jason Calacanis, a prominent Silicon Valley investor who has helped companies such as Uber and Robinhood to secure multi-billion dollar valuations, has said the bitcoin price is likely to drop to $0 to $500 in the long-term. “My position remains the same. Bitcoin will likely be replaced by a new technology & it’s manipulated It’s possible it’s built to last, but not probable ... In a recent podcast with Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano, the American entrepreneur and angel investor Jason Calacanis said that Bitcoin has been performing quite stable and promising lately. Uber Investor Jason Calacanis: Bitcoin’s 3x Trading Range is a Good Thing But today, on the other side of the fence, is venture capitalist Jason Calacanis who predicts that bitcoin price will fall between $0 and $500 in the future. Bitcoin Predictions From Jason Calacanis. Earlier today, Calacanis said that the world’s largest cryptocurrency by market cap operates in a manipulated market.

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Jason Calacanis CNBC 1/24/18: Bitcoin could go 0; EU fines Qualcomm $1.2b, social media regs

Jason Calacanis CNBC SquawkAlley 8/30-Amazon cuts Whole Foods prices; new Uber ... This Week In Startups 1,887 views. 7:14. Jason Calacanis CNBC Halftime ... Understanding Bitcoin's Surge ... Welcome to Team Underground, I (Thomas) do weekly BTC price analysis on YouTube. I've been full time trading bitcoin for over a year now and I've decided to ... The price of Bitcoin is on a decline already and seems to consolidate slightly below $12.000. Is a huge Bitcoin price correction possible from this point on?... Jason Calacanis CNBC 1/24/18: Bitcoin could go 0; EU fines Qualcomm $1.2b, social media regs This Week In Startups. Loading... Unsubscribe from This Week In Startups? Bitcoin - 80 Trillion Dollar Exit. I talk about how Bitcoin will eventually become an exit ramp from the crashing 80 trillion dollar financial system, the ec...